Use Blackberry 8800 as USB Dial Up Modem

After wanting to do this for a long time, I finally was able to get my Blackberry 8800 to work as a USB modem for my laptop. This means you can get internet on your laptop/desktop wherever you get ATT/Cingular Service. I got it to work on Vista, but the instructions below are for XP. Vista basically has the exact same setup instructions though. It was confusing at first, but below I wrote out instructions that even a CHILD could follow.

You need the following before we begin:

  • Blackberry 8800 (Most likely will work with any ATT/Cingular phone)
  • AT&T Wireless Service with unlimited data plan (unless you like paying fees)
  • USB connector cable

Okay, you’re ready to begin:

  1. If you have not already, download and install the Blackberry Desktop Software.
  2. Go to the Windows Device manager. Quickest way: Start > Run > devmgmt.msc
  3. Click + button next to Modems, double click “Standard Modem”
  4. Click the Advanced tab
  5. Enter this into the empty box (no leading space): AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”wap.cingular”
  6. Hit Okay, and close device manager.
  7. Go to network connections. Quickest way: Start > Run >
    Paste in the following line and hit enter:
    explorer.exe ::{7007ACC7-3202-11D1-AAD2-00805FC1270E}
  8. Click Create a new connection on the left, and follow these steps:
    1. Welcome to … Wizard –> Next
    2. [Select] Connect to internet –> Next
    3. [Select] Set up my connection manually –> Next
    4. [Select] Connect using a dial-up modem
    5. Type in a connection name of your choice (example: ATT dialup) –> Next
    6. Enter this as the phone number: *99***1# –> Next
    7. Enter user name (ALL CAPS): [email protected]
    8. Enter and confirm password (ALL CAPS): CINGULAR1 –> Next/Finish
  9. Open the desktop manager and plug in your Blackberry via the USB cable. Make sure it detects the Blackberry as connected.
  10. Go back to your network connections window (step 7), and double click the new ATT Dialup icon.
  11. Your password, username, and dialup number should already be saved. Just click “Dial”

This worked for me on the first try. It will not incur extra charges to your Blackberry plan on AT&T as long as you have the unlimited data plan.

What kind of speed will you get with this? According to my bandwidth test, not much. It’s still very useful to check e-mail and do light web surfing. The speed clocked in at around 78Kbps which is slightly faster than a 56k modem.. ick.


  • Thanks to Ken Hanscom for further improving these instructions, and linking back to me. I will be making a revision to my instructions per his improvements after testing.

23 thoughts on “Use Blackberry 8800 as USB Dial Up Modem

  1. The modem connection speed needs to be increased. The default is 115200, so you can’t go any faster than that, even with a 3G connection.


  2. I have tried with the Blackberry web site instructions, no good. I tried with your instruction (very well written and easy to read) with no luck. I instantly get a ERROR 633. I am useing a BOLD with XP, Cingular (AT&T). Btw, each atempt would change my home screen image back to the blue AT&T ball.


  3. what about using a verizon blackberry storm with windows vista? I have checked all other forums and I feel like I am so close.. but not yet connected.. help?


  4. SWEEEEETTT!!! Worked like a charm. I’ve been on the phone with AT&T several times for HOURS each time only to have it not work, took about 10 mins with these instructions. Speeds were REALLY good as well, 942Kb/s down & 345Kb/s up.


  5. Matt – I had 692 errors – then I found a different INIT string on the blackberry forum (omit the AT):


    And everything worked!
    Thanks for the simple instructions.


  6. I can connect using my 8900.
    Can you tell me what’s the command for:
    explorer.exe ::{7007ACC7-3202-11D1-AAD2-00805FC1270E}
    Is it to increase the speed?


  7. #14, the command is to open up Network Connections. It is just a shortcut to the window, doesn’t do anything with the speeds. Just like the command ncpa.cpl typed into the Run tab and you will end up at the same window.


  8. So I completed the directions above, and it worked but not completely. I would have internet access for about five minutes then everything would stop loading. I would have to disconnect my blackberry and dial the modem again. Now it doesn’t even dial anymore. All I get is the 734 PPP error. Has anyone had any experience with this?


  9. I can not get pass step #5 (Extra Initialization Command). The box is shaded out not allowing me to endter any characters or nothing. Why????


  10. OMG didn’t you know that Network connections shell folder has it’s own cpl you can run, quickest way my ar*se lol try remembering that GUID from memory, try this instead:

    start->run (or winKey+r): ncpa.cpl [enter]


  11. How to tether on BlackBerry Bold and Windows 7:

    1. Device Manager > Modems > Standard Modems > Advanced tab > type AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”wap.cingular”

    2. Network > Setup a new connection or network > Set up a dial-up connection > Phone number: *99***1#
    User name: [email protected]
    Password: CINGULAR1

    3. Open Desktop Manager and connect BlackBerry Bold via USB


  12. Thomas, thank you for providing information on how to tether on BlackBerry Bold and Windows 7. I have followed your very simple instructions but seem to be experiencing difficulty in connecting. I keep receiving Error 692 which says there is a hardware failure in the modem (or other connecting device)

    Any ideas?



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