Take the DC Metro to BWI Airport

In case you have stumbled here looking for step by step guidance, here you go:


  1. Check the B30 Bus Schedule [PDF] ahead of time.
  2. Take Metro to Greenbelt station, which is at end of the Green Line.
  3. Look for the B30 Bus when you get off at Greenbelt, the stop will be outside in the parking lot. It costs $3.00 with a SmartTrip, or $3.10 with cash (don’t ask).
  4. The B30 is an express bus that will take you right to BWI Airport. The bus ride takes around 35 minutes or so, but depends on traffic.


  1. The hardest part for me was finding the public transportation bus stop. There will be about 500 bus stops for shuttles to take you to the parking garage, but you have to keep following signs to “Public Transit” or “Regional Bus” in order to find the B30 Bus stop. It is on the lower level outside baggage claim, but depending on which baggage claim you get out at, you may have to walk for 5-10 minutes to get there.
  2. Once you actually find the bus stop (B30 will be posted on the wall), take a sigh of relief. The hardest part is over. They have the bus schedule posted on the inside of one of the bus shelters. The B30 will take you directly to Greenbelt, just make sure you are getting on the B30.

BWI’s Official(ly Lacking) Instructions are here.

I will try to get some pictures to aid your voyage soon. Check back.

16 thoughts on “Take the DC Metro to BWI Airport

  1. Its like you were in my head while writing these instructions. I JUST looked into the Marc thing, but was thinkin it seemed a lil convoluted. Thanks for this great info!


  2. Thanks for the help– I was able to get to DC/NoVA from BWI today. The B30 bus fare increased to $6, however. Even with the increase it was still a pretty easy and convenient process


  3. Wow. Stumbled across your post by accident. Thanks! Am bringing the family to DC over spring break this year. Flying into BWI is so much cheaper. No doubt will appreciate your step-by-step. One question: is the Greenbelt station crazy busy, and is it decent (thinking this bc you mentioned Union Station is a bit dodgy)? Wondering if 4 tourists each with a duffle bag will get trampled.



  4. The B30 bus stop is between door 17 and 18 as you go outside from baggage claim at BWI. As of 28 April 2013, the cost is $6. The B30 runs every 40 min starting around 7am till 1048pm on weekdays and 938am till 1048pm on weekends.


  5. Thank you so much! This really helped me! It was JUST the information I was looking for that I couldn’t find anywhere on the main website for the Metro.


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