Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Dropping the term SEO is no longer in style. There’s a new acronym taking its place, and now is your time to learn it. The term, SMO, or Social Media Optimization is the new SEO. Rohit Bhargava has been credited with coining the term.

What is SMO?
To understand SMO, you must first understand Social Media. Web sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Fark, Reddit, and are just a few examples of the recent surge in social media web sites. So what is social media? In a nutshell, it is content powered by you, the visitor. You decide what you want to see.

In 2000, if people wanted to get updates on Britney Spears, they would have to constantly refresh a page like or CNN. In 2008, Joe Schmo can create a web site from his basement and run a Google Maps API that updates in real time with Britney Spears’ location. Will CNN link to Joe Schmo? Of course not, which is why they are no longer the primary source for news.

Benefits of good SMO:

  • Attract visitors/readers/customers who are genuinely interested in your content
  • Get those visitors to share your content with other like-minded people
  • Web “word of mouth” spreads like wildfire, generating many new visitors

How do you improve your SMO? As a quick start, you need a service like AddThis on your web site. AddThis essentially aggregates all of the most recent Social Media site bookmarking widgets into one easy to implement button. Instead of trying to keep up to date on the latest social bookmarking site, let AddThis keep track of it for you. When users click an AddThis button on your site, they see something like this:


This article is still under construction… Sorry 😐 — 2-11-08

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