Review of ATT 3G Wireless Card (Sierra 881)

Finally, broadband speed wherever you go.

In a nutshell:

  • Fast downloads (Downloads often at ~200KB/sec)
  • Great 3G coverage in most places
  • Expensive, but worth the price if you travel frequently


Anywhere from free to $150 for the device itself, depending on what promotion you get.  Service is $69.99 per month for unlimited data.  AT&T forces you to get into 2-year contract to get this service, so if you do not envision  yourself having it for two years, be prepared to pay the $175 termination fee.


I have used the card in Chicago, DC, and NYC.  In addition, I have used it extensively on the bus from DC to NYC.  Overall I am very pleased with the service.  Even when traveling at 65mph on the highway the connection stays surprisingly steady.


If you are within 3G coverage areas, the speed is very impressive for this device.  For regular web surfing, E-mail, Remote Desktop, and downloads under 30mb, the speed is absolutely sufficient.  YouTube videos load fast enough to have no lag time, and I was even able to watch instant Netflix videos.


The connection, while mostly reliable, can sometimes be buggy on Windows Vista.  At one point I received the dreaded Error 668 but was I eventually able to fix it.  The problems have been few and far between, and would not be a reason to not purchase the card.


If you are like me:

  • Addicted to the internet
  • Frequently Travel
  • Impatient
  • The guy watching instant Netflix video on a bus or train

Then you probably will want this card.  I have gotten a tremendous amount of use out of it, and definitely am glad to have it.  In addition, it never hurts to have redundancy at home, in case the cable goes out.

3 thoughts on “Review of ATT 3G Wireless Card (Sierra 881)

  1. I just got the AT&T USB Connent Device(sierra Wireless)and was getting the same error message 668.
    I did what you described. And it worked. The pictures of the steps was very helpful. I had called AT&T and went to the store and neither IT person new this. They thought the connection manager was corrupt. So they had me download another driver. Then they thought the SIM card was bad. Next thing they thought the device was bad. But I found your message posted and it worked. You would think they would search the web for help.

    The only problem I have now is the no signal. I got this for my son to sue at home for faster internet speed to take his online classes.
    Here at 4PM on Sunday, there is not signal. But on my computer from work that I use at home, I have a sprint card, most of the time it only has one bar, but I always have a signal. I could be online for hours wiithout a problem.
    Wouldn’t both card pick up the same signal?


  2. I have had a 881 for about 5 months it is the worst I S P bsides hughes net I have found. Will log you off sometimes less than ten minutes.


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