is Down is down. is down., my favorite aggregation service for facebook/twitter/status updates, seems to be having domain name problems with GoDaddy.  Just helping to relay the message. Hopefully they get it up soon.  I would think that Godaddy could at least remove that hideous ad page from resolving on in the mean time.

Official Message from staff:

“Just to set everyone at ease, we are simply waiting on GoDaddy to update their end so that this mess becomes history. I’ve been in direct contact with them. Actually, the office of the President of GoDaddy called me personally ensuring that they are working on this with a high priority.

Everyone can do us a favor by just spreading the word that everything in power is being done to correct this. And be known that we aren’t going anywhere. This isn’t us leaving, nor shutting down. This is a problem that has come between service provider and client. It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

This should all go away any time now.

Thanks for your continued support through some wrenches in the system. Keep on pingin! (Bots still work.)”

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