New Yelp Augmented Reality Feature for iPhone 3Gs

Just read about this new feature for Yelp’s iPhone application.  After relentlessly shaking my iPhone with no sign of the new feature, I deleted the App and then reinstalled it from the AppStore.  After shaking 3 times, like magic, the new augmented reality feature was born.  Follow these instructions if you have an iPhone 3Gs.

1.  Delete your current Yelp Application (if you have it)

2.  Download the Yelp application from the AppStore

3.  Go to the main yelp results page on the Yelp App (after selecting that you do not have a Yelp account, or logging in)

4.  Shake your iPhone three times and you will see this:


5.  Click the Monocle button at the top right, and prepare to have your mind blown:


Indoors it does not work so well, but the cool factor makes it well worth the install.

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