Ooma + iPhone = Perfect Voicemail Combo

One of my favorite features on Ooma is the ability to receive voicemail via e-mail.  Not only does Ooma alert you via e-mail when you have a new voicemail, but it has the option to e-mail the voicemail message itself as an MP3.  I did end up upgrading to Ooma Premier service, and it looks like the “attach file” feature is only available in Premier.  Even so, when you first get the Ooma, you should try this feature out during your free Premier trial period.

To enable this feature, go to your Preferences > Voicemail, and see the Voicemail Notifications area:


After saving your changes, all of your voicemails from now on will be e-mailed to you.  If you elect to receive e-mails on your phone, it makes it amazingly easy to check your voicemail when away from your Ooma hub.


On the iPhone, simply click the e-mail attachment, and it will open up the voicemail file in the iPhone quicktime player:


Could not be easier!

5 thoughts on “Ooma + iPhone = Perfect Voicemail Combo

  1. maybe I’m just being lazy, but an iphone app would be 10x better…

    Hotel Tango

    Maybe I’m an idiot, but doesn’t the iphone come with an app that connects to your email? Or maybe you’d like an app that connects to your ooma account online and plays your vmail…. on yeah Safari.


  2. The Ooma has the feature to make multiple phones ring simultaneously. I have mine set up to ring the Ooma phone (my office) and my iphone. The iPhone’s VM will pick up the call faster than Ooma’s VM, so I get all my VM in one central location. No email attachments to manage along with visual vm. It’s all right there.


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