Windows is checking for a solution to the problem

Has Windows 7 EVER found a solution to the problem of a crashing application?  Probably not.  Since no one likes wasting time, I decided to figure out how to prevent Windows from doing this unnecessary search.

Step 1: Click on the Start button, type in “Choose how to report problems” (without quotes) and hit enter.

Step 2:  Select “Never check for solutions”


Problem solved!

7 thoughts on “Windows is checking for a solution to the problem

  1. I’m curious too, I came here by googling “ever found”. I keep that check on, though because I think microsoft collects crash information and uses it to make their software more reliable.


  2. just tried your solution, but a minute later it popped up again.
    i use windows 7. Not sure if i have to reboot my computer in order to get this to work. Please let me know. Thanks a lot!


  3. I’m hoping this works, because you’re right – it has never once found a solution to the problem. Instead it simply wastes the user’s time. This was a bigger waste of time even than the User Account Control that asks you to verify that yes, you really do want to run the program you just ran. The two things I do first on any new install of Windows is to turn off UAC, and to turn off the Explorer setting that hides extensions for known file types.


  4. Fix worked for me once but after a reinstall [one of many!], it now doesn’t. But i don’t blame the author; that’s just Windows [like a sand dune in the wind, ever shifting].
    Talk about insult to injury- their shovelware continually breaks, and then pesters you with a false promise that they’re busily working to find a solution *at this very moment*. I wonder if those rocket scientists in Redmond ever realized how infuriating such notifications are. Nah.


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