Amtrak Adds iOS Passbook Support

Starting today, Amtrak released version 1.3 of the Amtrak iOS app, which now includes Passbook support.  Details of the update are shown below.

How to Add Your Amtrak Ticket to Passbook

1.  Install the Amtrak iOS app.

2.  Login to your Amtrak account on the app.

3.  Browse to view your e-ticket.  On the view e-ticket screen, hit the icon on the top-right and select “Add to Passbook.”  (see below)

3 thoughts on “Amtrak Adds iOS Passbook Support

  1. I followed the instructions above and when I view my trip in the Amtrak app on my iPhone (click the “My Trips” button and then the orange “View” button it takes me to a “Trip Detail” screen with no “share” arrow that you have above. I have the latest Amtrak update. They certainly don’t make it easy (Amtrak). The only app that worked well was SPG.


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