iOS 6 Maps Confuses Brooklyn and Manhattan

Want to get confused?  Try searching for a 5th avenue address on the new iOS 6 Maps app.  Unlike Google Maps, the new iOS 6 maps cannot make a distinction between Manhattan and Brooklyn for certain addresses.

333 5th ave in Google Maps (btwn 32nd and 33rd street in MANHATTAN)

333 5th Ave in iOS 6 Maps (between 3rd and 4th street in BROOKLYN)

How to Restore the Recently Changed files shortcut in Windows 7

Looking to restore the shortcut in your explorer window that says “Recently Changed”? I was too. In a nutshell, you must save this code snippet, which creates the Recently Changed file search, and then drag that shortcut to your favorites bar. Here are the instructions:

1. Download the raw version of this code below.

2. Paste the file contents to NotePad

3. Save the file as “Recently” (keep the quotes so it makes that the correct file type)

4. Save the file to C:Users{YOUR NAME}Searches

5. Drag the shortcut to your favorites bar (same place “Recent Places” appears)

Windows is checking for a solution to the problem

Has Windows 7 EVER found a solution to the problem of a crashing application?  Probably not.  Since no one likes wasting time, I decided to figure out how to prevent Windows from doing this unnecessary search.

Step 1: Click on the Start button, type in “Choose how to report problems” (without quotes) and hit enter.

Step 2:  Select “Never check for solutions”


Problem solved!

How To Backup and Export Google Docs

Google recently changed the layout of the Google Docs interface, and made it a little difficult to figure out how to export and backup your documents.  It is always recommended to have a backup of anything you store in the cloud, so here is a quick tutorial on how to download and backup your Google docs.

Step 1 – Right click on any file in your Google Docs list, and select “Download”
Step 2 – Click on the “All Items” tab, and press the “Download” button

Step 3 – Select “Email when ready”
Step 4 – Wait until you receive the e-mail, then click download link.

After the file is downloaded, you are still not done.  It is necessary to extract the zip file, and open a few of the documents to make sure they are readable.  In my experience, the export has always worked very well, but it is imperative to check for yourself each time you save the backup.

Sort Gmail By Attachment Size


Update 3/19/2013 

You can now actually run a search for attachments based on size!  Approved operators:

  • size:5m – Find emails with attachments of 5M
  • larger:5m – Find e-mails with attachments larger than 5M

Suggested query: larger:5m older_than:2y

^ Will find all e-mails larger than 5MB and older than 2 years.


Gmail inbox getting full?  Mine was too.  For some inexplicable reason, Google does not allow you to run a simple search of your inbox where you can sort by attachment size.  There are some options to get your Gmail account under control, most useful of which is searching for particular file types.   Run a search for the most commonly large file types, and optionally add a date modifier so you only look at mail older than a certain date.

Enter this into the search box:
filename:(mpg OR mpeg OR avi OR wmv OR zip OR bmp OR mp3 OR wma OR mov) before:2010/12/31

Note: Change the “before” date to whatever date you want.  It can even be today’s date.

I did not exclude JPG or JPEG because pictures are often a useful thing to save.  I still recommend going through each e-mail before doing a mass-delete with the above search query, but this will at least give you a useful workaround while Google works on a sortable attachment filter.

Google is well aware of the need for this feature, but feel free to cast your vote on their suggestion page, like I did.

Make sure to vote for Google to add this as an official function.

4 Million Twitter Followers Mean Nothing!

I have to admit, I am a little disheartened.  I was convinced that building a large Twitter following would at least give a great platform for promoting things.  I was always curious about numbers though.  If I posted a link, what % of my followers would actually click it? – 62 views as of writing.  While I have a paltry 135 Followers, it seems that roughly 46% of them clicked on the link I posted.  Keep in mind, this view count is based off of pageviews to that page, so if one person viewed it multiple times it would count towards the same total.  So let’s make a more conservative estimate of 35% of my followers actually clicked the link.  Not too bad.

I still had envy for someone like Ashton Kutcher though.  Well, maybe not.  But I did have a little intrigue about his almost 4,000,000 followers on Twitter.

When he posts a link, if using my conservative estimate of 35% conversion ratio in clicks, that would mean he would get a whopping 1,400,000 clicks on every link he tweets.  Then again, 35% is a rather generous conversion ratio, what with all the spam accounts and all.  So let’s be VERY conservative.  10% conversion ratio.  Surely, at least 10% of the people “following” Ashton Kutcher are at least visiting the links he posts.  10% conversion ratio would be roughly 400,000 clicks.  That is still spectacular.  He is a marketing machine, right?  If only there was some way to actually see how many clicks his links get.

Oh, yeah,  That’s right, they offer pretty neat stats on every link shortened by them.  So I decided to look at some recent @aplusk data.


Timestamp Tweet Stats Clicks


6:30 PM Oct 17th the balloon boy remix


5:30 PM Oct 17th wow/surreal . . . never thought we would hear a piano entering the climate debate 5,015


10:18 AM Oct 17th Thoughts on Google wave? ha ha Samuel L. Jackson riding the Google wave “Pulp Fiction style” 13,045


10:02 PM Oct 16th classical version of “Run This Town” = awesome 8,274


10:26 AM Oct 16th social media reminder about the scope of global hunger 4,675


9:09 AM Oct 16th Conan and @corybooker Feud to End With @ustream and Tonight Show Appearances 4,414

I made a typo right?  I wish I had.  It turns out that the links Ashton tweeted averaged 7,500 clicks per link.  This amounts to a shocking 0.19% percent conversion ratio.

The lesson?  Quality over quantity when it comes to a Twitter following.  If only .19% Ashton’s followers are clicking his links, at BEST 0.4% of his followers actually even read a word he says.

Get Windows Video Codecs in Ubuntu

With a fresh Ubuntu install, I realized that to play any video file including saved DVDs, .WMV, .AVI, DIVX, etc.,  it is necessary to get what is called a “restricted” extras pack for Ubuntu.  My understanding is that this does not come with it by default, because they want to keep Ubuntu completely legitimate in terms of licensing, etc.

Download the Ubuntu Restricted Extras Pack by clicking here.

After installing this, everything magically worked!

For more details visit the Ubuntu page on RestrictedFormats.

3 New Must-Have Apps for iPhone (Zipcar, RedLaser, Dropbox)

Some very exciting developments in the iPhone apps world this week.  Check out these 3 must-have apps:

1.  DropBox

Create an account at, then effortlessly sync files between your home computer, work computer, and your iPhone.  You can even take pictures/videos from your iPhone and upload them directly to your computer. Cost: FREE.  This absolutely kills the $4.99 Air Sharing app’s revenue model.

Amazingly seamless syncing of files between your computer and iPhone.

2.  RedLaser

RedLaser uses the camera of your iPhone as a barcode scanner.  Scan anything from books, to candy and it will instantly search for the product on Amazon and Google.  Great for price matching when buying electronics.  Cost: $1.99.

Hold over any barcode (RedLaser)
Runs search on Amazon and Google for the product.
Runs search on Amazon and Google for the product.

3.  ZipCar

Much anticipated ZipCar app is finally out.  Find a nearby car using the built in GPS function, reserve it via the iPhone interface.  Once you initially unlock the car with your KeyCard, you can then unlock/lock/honk the horn from your iPhone.  Really impressive stuff, and will definitely up my Zipcar usage.  Cost: FREE (Zipcar membership required)

Locates Zipcar locations near you.
Locates Zipcar locations near you.

You can unlock, lock, and even honk the horn using your iPhone.
You can unlock, lock, and even honk the horn using your iPhone.