Best Eggs Benedict in NYC

The Best: Sausage Benedict at Five Points

Breakfast Sausage Benedict from Five Points

Breakfast sausage, poached egg, and shrimp hollandaise on top of a cheddar scone.  It seriously does not get much better than this.  Highly recommend Five Points for brunch.

Five Points
31 Great Jones Street
New York, NY 10012

Disappointing: Johnnycake Benedict at North End Grill

Johnnycake Benedict at North End Grill

Lamb Bacon, Poached Egg, and Chipotle Hollandaise.  This sounded much better than it was.  The johnnycake was too thick, and very dry.  The lamb bacon was was miniscule, and did not contribute to the dish.  The albeit delicious chipotle hollandaise could not not even pull the dish together.

North End Grill
104 North End, New York, NY 10282