Using International iMessage to avoid SMS Charges

iMessage uses data instead of SMS, and therefore works internationally to send free text messages (as long as you have an international data plan).

However, you must TURN OFF “Send As SMS” when you are traveling internationally, otherwise your phone may send an SMS message (green message) using international SMS rates.

Go to Settings >Messages to turn off “SEND As SMS”

How to View All of Your Apple Products

Your hidden apple support profile.

Apple makes it extremely difficult to find this page, and after spending almost 10 minutes trying to locate it again, I decided to create this post as a reference.

Reasons to Bookmark your Apple Support Profile

  • Easily submit an AppleCare request
  • Keep track of your apple devices and serial numbers
  • Determine if your device is still under warranty

Bookmark this link:

iOS Emergency Alert in NYC During Hurricane Sandy

During Hurricane Sandy on Monday, October 29th starting at 8:30PM Eastern, mobile users all around NYC received a mysterious alert message:

Go indoors immediately and remain inside.  DO NOT DRIVE.  Call 9-1-1 for emergencies only.

These emergency alerts are a new feature of iOS 6, allowing government agencies to send out critical messages to the public.  The U.S. Government’s emergency alert system was launched in May 2012, and this was the first alert to be sent out in NYC since the system launched.

3 New Must-Have Apps for iPhone (Zipcar, RedLaser, Dropbox)

Some very exciting developments in the iPhone apps world this week.  Check out these 3 must-have apps:

1.  DropBox

Create an account at, then effortlessly sync files between your home computer, work computer, and your iPhone.  You can even take pictures/videos from your iPhone and upload them directly to your computer. Cost: FREE.  This absolutely kills the $4.99 Air Sharing app’s revenue model.

Amazingly seamless syncing of files between your computer and iPhone.

2.  RedLaser

RedLaser uses the camera of your iPhone as a barcode scanner.  Scan anything from books, to candy and it will instantly search for the product on Amazon and Google.  Great for price matching when buying electronics.  Cost: $1.99.

Hold over any barcode (RedLaser)
Runs search on Amazon and Google for the product.
Runs search on Amazon and Google for the product.

3.  ZipCar

Much anticipated ZipCar app is finally out.  Find a nearby car using the built in GPS function, reserve it via the iPhone interface.  Once you initially unlock the car with your KeyCard, you can then unlock/lock/honk the horn from your iPhone.  Really impressive stuff, and will definitely up my Zipcar usage.  Cost: FREE (Zipcar membership required)

Locates Zipcar locations near you.
Locates Zipcar locations near you.

You can unlock, lock, and even honk the horn using your iPhone.
You can unlock, lock, and even honk the horn using your iPhone.